TVXQ Yunho Opens Up About His Near-Death Experience After Getting Poisoned By A Sasaeng

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Sasaengs (so-called obsessive fans) are something idols have to deal with on a daily basis and the more popular the idol is, the worse their experiences are with sasaengs.

If you search obsessive destructive sasaeng behavior then you’ll probably stumble upon the incident in which TVXQ Yunho was poisoned by a sasaeng in 2006.

TVXQ Yunho doesn’t always talk about his traumatic experience and how she almost ruined his life, but he recently opened up about it. On the seventh episode of TVXQ and Super Junior’s Analog Trip, Yunho opened up about his trauma and how he dealt with it.

The group was backpacking in Indonesia and it led them to a tunnel. To reach the light at the end of the tunnel, they had to navigate through the dark enclosed space, Yunho’s past trauma reappeared.

When talking about the experience, Yunho shared,

The sasaeng handed Yunho a beverage and it was laced with glue, Yunho drank it not knowing how much it’ll affect him. Later, he began vomiting and was rushed to the hospital.

He said,

It reminded me of that trauma because of a similar atmosphere. I felt some familiarity since the color and locations were similar. I felt like I couldn’t breathe since I was swept up by the trauma.”

Yunho said that he thought he had overcome that trauma, but after feeling the way he did in the tunnel, he realized that he hasn’t,

I felt like I was arrogant. I thought I overcame the trauma… They helped me realize it, so I was able to overcome it earlier than I expected.”

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You can check out the full video where he talks about it below:

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