tvN’s Upcoming Drama “Stealer: Seven Joseon Notices” Unveils First Official Poster Featuring Joo Won

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“Stealer: Seven Joseon Notices” has released the first official poster featuring Joo Won transforming into a civil servant and a stealer.

Joo Won is playing double roles in “Stealer: Seven Joseon Notices,” being a civil servant, Hwang Dae Myung in the day and changing into a stealer at the night.

On March 9, a teaser poster showing a significant two-shot of Skunk (Stealer’s name) and Hwang Dae Myung, a civil servant of the Cultural Heritage Administration was unveiled,

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Stealer: Seven Joseon Notices” is a crime comic action drama in which a veiled cultural property thief skunk and an unofficial cultural property recovery team ‘Karma’ unite to compete against those who won’t be judged by the law.

Hwang Dae Myung(Joo Won) in the teaser poster shows off his heavy presence even though he has a playful look. Behind Hwang Dae Myung, who is staring at the front with spray paint, is a picture of Skunk, the eternal enemy of those who is aiming for cultural properties. On top of it, the word “STEALER” is painted as if it was done by Hwang Dae Myung.

Check out the poster below!

Whether Hwang Dae Myung knows the identity of the skunk, Hwang Dae Myung’s confident smile once again steals the attention as curiosity rises along the mysterious color of smoke that flows around them. It is as if he is proudly saying that he is the main character of the black mask.

In particular, the skunk, which used to give a thrilling blow to bad guys who sweep black money through the illegal trade of cultural assets, is showing a 180-degree different charm by posing and making a V with his fingers in the frame. Hwang Dae Myung’s body, whose specialty is pulling out, and the strange picture of the skunk with Hwang Dae Myung raise expectations for the dark hero’s secret day.

On the other hand, Hwang Dae Myung, who is being criticized by his fellow employees for neglecting his duty during the day, will visit the site of cultural property trafficking with his identity hidden at night and turn everything into chaos. Expectations are high for Joo Won’s performance, who will realistically portray two characters who are completely different in the day and night, why Hwang Dae Myung is transforming into a skunk, why he is stealing, and what his secret will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, The first episode “Stealer: Seven Joseon Notices” airs on April 12 at 10:30 p.m.

Are you excited to see Joo Won in double roles?

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