Triple H Forced To Cancel Their Upcoming Activities And Wrap Up Promotions Following Dating News

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The fallout of the dating news involving Triple H is getting bigger.

Earlier today, hundreds of fans cancelled their purchased tickets to the upcoming fan meeting of Pentagon because of the dating news and rumors surrounding three of its members.

Last night, Triple H made their first public appearance after the dating news, they performed on KBS’s Music Bank but it has been revealed that they will not be participating in MBC’s “Music Core” recording which was held earlier today, Cube Entertainment released this statement,

“The pre-recording that was originally scheduled today has been cancelled due to internal affairs. We apologize for the sudden cancellation.”

Following that, the group was removed from the list of performers on “Music Core” website. It was also announced that they will not be performing in “Inkigayo” on August 5 as well.

The unit’s also had an upcoming fan sign event which was supposed to be held today at 7 p.m. KST, the list of attendees was supposed to be announced last night on 10 p.m. KST but it wasn’t, Cube Entertainment released this statement,

“Triple H fan sign event which was scheduled for today has been cancelled due to internal affairs. We apologize to everyone who had applied for the event. You can find more details about the refund of the albums purchased with the below link.”

Cube Entertainment linked to the site the fans could use to get a refund.

After the changes to the unit group’s schedule were announced Cube Entertainment issued another announcement that shocked fans, they revealed that the promotions of the group has been cancelled citing KBS’s Music Bank as the last appearance for the group’s “REtro Futurism” album promotions.

The sudden cancellation of the unit’s activities was due to the dating news the unit was involved in.

HyunA and E’Dawn confirmed they had been dating for 2 years while Cube Entertainment revealed that Hui and Soojin used to date but have broken up.

What do you think of Cube Entertainment’s decision? do you think they made the right one?

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