TREASURE To Make Comeback With 10 Members, Yedam And Mashiho Taking A Hiatus For Different Reasons

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YG Entertainment’s recent update about TREASURE’s upcoming activities are bittersweet news to fans.

On May 27, YG shared their plans for the group. They stated they are preparing an album and aiming for a summer comeback. The title track has already been chosen, the music video filming will take place after recording and choreography practice are complete.

YG says the group began preparing early because there is a major project ahead of the group’s 2nd debut anniversary this coming August. TREASURE is scheduled to embark on their Japanese tour at the end of 2022 and they are also in discussion to hold an additional concert in Korea. If confirmed, it will be done without any restrictions due to COVID-19.

Along with the happy announcement came some sad news. YG says that for the time being TREASURE will temporarily promote with 10 members.

Bang Yedam will be taking a hiatus to focus on his potential as a producer, he will be focusing on studying music for the time being.

Mashiho, who is currently resting in Japan, will also be going on a hiatus due to health reasons. He will spend more time with his family.

YG promises fans to always support the group and consider their artists’ health as their top priority. The decision to promote as 10 members for the time being came after long discussions with the group members, thus, they asked for fans’ understanding.

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