Top Idols A And B Have Reportedly Visited Club In Itaewon Ignoring Social Distancing Measures, Agencies Response Evokes Backlash

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There is something very interesting going on right now and Korean media has begun reporting on it.

Top boy group idols A and B have reportedly visited a bar in Yongsan-gu’s Itaewon last month and even performed in a busking event, this is all amidst the ongoing pandemic, and they’re currently the top debated topic in kpop communities.

Several SNS online communities began discussing the identity of the two top idols who reportedly visited the bar during the late hours of April 25. The bar is also allegedly located a 7-minute walking distance from one of the Itaewon clubs where the COVID-19 positive case spread rapidly and caused a rise of infections in Seoul.

The witness accounts claim that the top idol A put on a busking performance in the bar that night while wearing a mask, he and his friends enjoyed pizza before leaving the scene.

One netizen published an exchange of text messages between an employee of the bar in question and they confirmed that it’s true the two top idols had visited their club.

When media outlets contacted top idol A and B agencies for a response, they declined to confirm stating that it’s their artists’ private lives.

The case has attracted attention because of the ongoing situation right now in South Korea. Idols who are caught not respecting social distancing measures are being outed on social media.

Previously, Dispatch falsely accused Mino of that and caused him a lot of backlash, later, another news outlet revealed that he didn’t perform at a club and it was a private event. Backlash against Dispatch is rising again.

Park Gyuri was also under fire for being captured at an Itaewon bar recently, she apologized and due to immense backlash, privated her instagram account.

Kpop fans are calling out news outlets for their double standards and for revealing Mino and Park Gyuri’s identities while shielding the top two other idols.

Many are calling for official clarifying statements from their agencies.

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