Top Girl Group Member Rumored To Have Gone To A Gay Club Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Rumors have it that a top girl group member has gone to a gay club in the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoul amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The report has become viral news because a coronavirus patient had visited the same club on May 2, which caused a lot of controversy and backlash as netizens began fearing a possible secondary infection in the community. The extent of how many patients will result from this is still unknown, but this report is currently the top trending news in South Korea.

On May 7, the girl group representative even responded to the reports firmly denying them stating that each member of the said group has never gone to Itaewon since all the members are worried about spreading the virus, adding,

“We don’t know where such rumors even began.”

The name of the girl group member is unknown because no news outlet had specified the name which left a lot of room for speculations and backlash.

What are your thoughts on this?

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