TOP 10 Richest Kpop Idols Of All Time

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Kpop is the trend these years.

Kpop has made a name for itself in recent years with the help of many kpop groups such as BTS, EXO and BIGBANG.

The amount of money kpop idols make from royalties, brand advertisements, group and solo activities can be massive.

So today at we’re taking a look at the richest kpop idols of all time.

10. Taeyang – $10 Million USD

Dubbed the Korean prince of R&B there is no surprise that Taeyang is on this list. The idol can write, dance and sing, he writes songs for his group and for himself as well.

He makes lots of money from royalties and from his concerts, and advertisements as well. The idol is estimated to have made well over 10$ million throughout his career.

9. Suzy – +$10 Million USD

The nation little sister and first love is the queen of CFs, an idol, actress and a muse, she started out as a part of Miss A and became one of the richest kpop female idols of this age.

She is estimated to have made well over 10 billion won from advertisements and brand deals alone, which is estimated to be 8.8 million dollars.

The idol-actress is currently promoting her new upcoming drama “While you were asleep” with Lee Jong Suk, the drama will air its first episode on the 27th of September.

8. Yoona – $11 Million USD

Arguably the most famous Girls Generation member, Yoona has established herself as an idol and an actress, she has debuted 10 years ago but still rules the kpop scene.

She is also one of the highest paid female idols for brands advertisements along with Miss A Suzy. She has also established herself as a reputable actress and makes good money from acting gigs as well.

She has an estimated massive 11$ million USD throughout her career.

7. BoA – $14 Million USD

The best female soloist has to be BoA, BoA is one of the most famous kpop soloists of all time, she has made her debut at the tender age of 14, she has had a long successful career for 17 years.

She has also branched out to musicals and has MCed the popular second show for Produce 101, she is $14 million USD rich.

6. IU – $15 Million USD

The chart topper IU is another female idol on this list.

Another great soloist, IU also debuted at a very young age and struggled a lot before finding an agency to debut with. She debuted back at 15 years old and found success shortly after.

With every release the idol snags the first spot in music charts and wins awards. She is not only an idol but an actress as well who proved herself to be worthy of the title actress through many successful dramas such as “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

IU has made a total of $15 million (USD) throughout her career of doing advertisements, music and tv shows.

5. Dara – $16 Million USD

The most active former 2ne1 member has to be Dara. The idol is known for her eternal beauty but she is way more than just that.

She had seen success in the Philippines first before debuting as a kpop idol, and when she debuted with 2ne1 her popularity rose even higher.

Once part of the biggest baddest female kpop group, she has made a name for herself, through drama and movie roles as well as various variety shows appearances, Dara is worth more than $16 million USD.

4. Rain – $20 Million USD

One of the most successful male kpop soloists of the 2000s, Rain was massive in Korea, for his amazing voice, undeniable charm and amazing moves as well as his acting chops, the idol-actor is one of the highest paid kpop idols of all time.

He has even successfully transitioned from South Korea to Hollywood, the father to be is currently preparing for what could be his last solo album, he has made an astonishing $20 Million USD.

3. G-Dragon – $21 Million USD

What list of richest kpop idols be ever complete without Gdragon?

Not only the biggest and richest member of BIGBANG, but also one of the richest idols on this list.

The idol has made a name for himself as a producer and rapper, and make a hefty amount from royalties each year.

He even had his own fashion brand peaceminusone, and is currently touring the globe for the last time before his military enlistment.

G-Dragon is currently thought to have more than $21 million USD to his name.

2. Siwon – +$35 Million USD

The most popular and most successful male idol in SM has to be Siwon.

Siwon debuted as part of Super Junior, one of the most successful kpop bands of all time. He has made a lot of money as part of his group. He also acts and models, being active for well over 15 years, Siwon is estimated to have made $35 million USD.

It is worthy to note that the idol also comes from a rich family.

1. PSY – $45 Million USD

To no one’s surprise, PSY takes the cake for the #1 richest K-Pop star.

His massive hit “Gangnam Style” held the record for most viewed YouTube video for 5 years, he won international recognition and fame with this massive unexpected hit.

With his hit many people were introduced to Kpop, PSY is the richest YG artist as well as the richest idol there is. The fame he acquired from his hit was unheard of for any kpop idol ever before.

He has made his comeback in 2017 with “4×2=8”, he is estimated to be worth $45 million USD.

So what did you think of our list? Did any of the idols on it shock you?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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