“Tomorrow” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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The kdrama “Tomorrow” has ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of its 16th episode.

“Tomorrow” episode 16 recap

We get a flashback to the past when Koo Ryeon met Jumadaeng. She tells her she must serve alongside Park Joong-Gil and she will have to do whatever it takes to fit in because she came from hell. When she sees Park Joong-Gil after such a long time, she’s told he has been reincarnated and doesn’t remember her. He doesn’t take kindly to her addition to the team but she takes on the challenge.

In the present day

Meanwhile, Mr. Ha is planning to use this opportunity to climb the ladder and he comes up with a plan alongside his sidekicks. He goes to arrest Koo Ryeon because she broke the rules.

Choi Jun-Woong is still trying to come up with a plan, he goes to Park Joong-Gil and tells him they shared a past, he tells him to go to nightmares machine and see for himself. Once he sees the truth of what happened and why Koo Ryeon committed suicide, he wakes up crying.

He goes to defend her and while Choi Jun-Woong and Lim Ryung-Gu are staking a place thinking she’d show up there, she does, so they try to stop her from killing those hurtful hateful people, she beats them to a pulp.

When she is on the rooftop, they stop her, Choi Jun-Woong cries while asking her not to take risks and come back with them to save Ryu Choi-Hui. Choi Jun-Woong cries about how she’s saved all those people who are living well while she’s the only one who is still miserable.

They manage to convince her to come with them and Park Joong-Gil shows up just when Mr. Ha is about to arrest her. She escapes while Park Joong-Gil lies and tells Mr. Ha he wants to take care of her instead of him, he gets a good beating from Mr. Ha and his sub-coordinates.

Ryu Choi-Hui wakes up with marks on her face and is about to attempt suicide. She’s stopped by Koo Ryeon who hugs her and convinces her to not do it and that she’ll punish those who deserve it. She leaves Choi Jun-Woong with her and says they’ll likely fall in love in the future and be together.

They gather all the cyberbullies to the white room and instruct them to undo the damage and that they won’t leave this room until they delete all the comments they wrote about her.

Meanwhile, Koo Ryeon also meets with the Jumadaeng who tells her she’s sensed Mr. Ha was trying to do something fishy. the Jumadaeng later shows up at Park Joong-Gil while he’s being interrogated by Mr. Ha. He denies doing anything wrong and the Jumadaeng leads him to continue lying about it. The people whom Mr. Ha had a meeting to bring her down with also turn on him.

Park Joong-Gil says he’s used the reaper’s guarantee of responsibility to attempt and destroy the RM team. He gets punished by spending one month alone in this state and demoted to a mere employee for six months.

At her home, Ryu Choi-Hui eats with the reapers who later give her a document to prepare and sue the malicious commenters, Seol In-U gets beaten and taken down, he’s exposed and his agency lets go of him. They have gathered evidence against him and sent it to the press.

Later, Koo Ryeon goes to see Park Joong-Gil who says it wasn’t a matter of his feelings that he went to save her, he did it because of his pride. His pride made him misunderstand her and do many foolish things. She thanks him for saying that.

When he asks why she didn’t tell him about their past, she says he’d been reincarnated many times when she met him a long time ago, she didn’t feel it was right to bring it up as their thread was cut.

When Koo Ryeon meets with the Jumadaeng again, she realizes the last person she had to save was herself. When asked what she wants now that her mission is over, she asks the Jumadaeng to make the RM team an official team, renovate their office and add more people.

Does Choi Jun-Woong wake up?

Yes, after the last mission is done, he’s almost done with his six months but is given a gift of going back early for his hard work. He says goodbye to the team and wakes up.

When he wakes up, he goes on to lead a normal life. He finds a job at last and continues to inadvertently save people. He saves the life of a man who is about to commit suicide and tells him he has tickets to Ryu Choi-Hui’s concert and that they should go together.

How does “Tomorrow” end?

It ends with the RM team getting a notification that a guy is attempting suicide, when they rush there, Choi Jun-Woong had already saved him and calmed him down.

When Choi Jun-Woong sees the team he asks who they are, Koo Ryeon says, ‘we’re grim reapers.’

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  1. Im sorry, bit o hate this ending. Koo Ryeon and Park Joong-Gil should had been together, I’ve been waiting the intire drama for this and they barely talked, I loved the drama, but the end.

    1. I agree… i felt like all the weekend waiting did not go as I wanted it… it is a fine ending, but it wasn’t worth waiting for it…

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