Rising Group TO1 Shocks Fans With New Announcement, Three Members Have Departed The Group And Three More Have Been Added

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TO1’s most recent announcement has shocked its fandom!

TO1 is a rising boy group that initially debuted in 2020 with the name TOO after getting formed on Mnet survival show “World Klass,” they rebranded into TO1 last year.

Two months prior, the agency shocked fans after announcing that TO1’s Chi Hoon is leaving the group and has terminated his contract with them.

On May 24, WAKEONE Entertainment announced on TO1’s official fan cafe that the group is taking a hiatus to ‘reorganize’ and on June 17, the agency has returned with a new statement to announce the departure of three of its members and the addition of three new members.

On June 17, the agency released a statement about the group’s future to announce that Min Su, Jerome, and Woong Gi will be leaving the group, but not only that, three new members will be added.

According to the agency, they were open to all new directions and discussions with the group and tried to find the best solution, adding that the group has decided to ‘take on new challenges through the re-establishment of team identity.’ As a result, three members have departed the group and three more are joining.

Daigo and Renta, who are respectively 13th and 16th-ranking contestants from Produce 101 Japan Season 2 will join the team alongside Yeo Jeong who has become the youngest member of the group.

They wrapped up their statement asking for fans’ understanding and promising to provide full support for the group.

TO1 is slated to make a comeback this summer.

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