TNX Records A Personal High In Sales With New Album ‘Love Never Dies’

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TNX wrote their own best record within a week of their comeback.

According to Circle Chart and Hanteo Chart on February 23rd, TNX’s 2nd mini album ‘Love Never Dies’, released on February 15th, recorded 76,867 and 71,878 copies respectively in Initial Chodong sales.

This record is more than double the Initial Chodong sales of 31,196 copies of TNX’s debut album ‘WAY UP’ released in May last year. Although it is their first comeback since their debut, TNX has proven their presence by writing their own highest numbers through this record.

In addition, this album ranked first in the iTunes Top Album Chart in 4 countries around the world right after its release and entered the top 10 in 9 countries. In addition, the number of views of the music video for ‘Love or Die’ exceeded 10 million in just 7 days after its release, and was nominated for 1st place on a music show.

This new album interprets the memories that are passionately cherished in youth, such as teenage love, separation and longing, and concerns about identity, from various perspectives. A large number of famous domestic and foreign producers participated to improve the quality, and TNX member Eunhui participated in producing, capturing the attention of listeners.


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