TMZ Under Fire For Mistaking A.C.E For BTS And Making Fun Of “Parasite” Cast Inability To Speak English

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It’s not that TMZ was anything but trashy originally but their recent actions towards “Parasite” cast are a new low.

The American celebrity gossip site TMZ is being heavily criticized for their rude remarks towards “Parasite” cast and for mistaking A.C.E For BTS.

Kpop columnist Jeff Benjamin shared a clip of TMZ’s coverage of the Oscars and specifically “Parasite,” their cameramen caught up with the cast as they exited a place and began asking them questions in English, the cast couldn’t answer back and the team at TMZ began to make fun of their English speaking skills.

To make matters worse, they claimed that they have spotted BTS members as well which couldn’t be further from the truth since the Kpop group they spotted was A.C.E who performed at the “Parasite” afterparty celebration.

TMZ called them translators and when asked for a comment in English, members Byeongkwan and Jun replied back in Korean. Check out the controversial video below:

This isn’t TMZ’s first brush towards Kpop and Koreans; they were heavily criticized for making fun of EXID’s English skills back in 2015.

Here are some of fans’ reactions to the video:

What do you think of TMZ’s actions?

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