Tiffany And Her Agency Responds To TXT Fandom Name Issue

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As previously reported, Big Hit Entertainment new boy group TXT had revealed their fandom name on April 25.

The fandom name caused friction between SONEs and TXT fans. SONEs (Girls’ Generation fans) weren’t so happy with the fandom name.

The fandom name chosen for TXT is ‘Young One.’ In the website, they explained the meaning,

The official announcement explains:

“We were nothing (0)* and then we became ONE.

TXT’s hopes of having their fans beside them forever.

[* ‘0’ in Korean is pronounced as ‘Young’]”

Tiffany Young’s fandom name is also Young Ones; she had previously revealed the name back in September of 2018. She said,

“It means forever and you guys are my forevers.”

Many fans began trending a hashtag on twitter demanding Big Hit changes the fandom name of TXT, the hashtag is #YoungOneForTiffany, many fans are giving their personal thoughts on the issue asking for Big Hit to respect the sunbae artist, some even asked TXT to change their fandom name.

Here are some of their tweets:

Many started emailing Big Hit and Tiffany’s management agency asking for their response and a way to solve the issue.

It seems that Tiffany and her agency are aware of it because not too long after the issue became bigger, Tiffany and her management agency responded to fans concerns.

Tiffany wrote to Twitter,

Her management agency also tweeted out,

Big Hit Entertainment has yet to release a response to fans demands of an answer.

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Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

As I said previously, I think we should wait for a response from Big Hit.

For the majority, TXT fans have been cute and helpful even emailing Big Hit about it, I have seen some SONEs who were a bit rude and too much on twitter to a group that is only 1 month old.

TXT don’t deserve to be hated on, the fandom names among many other things are decided by the agency, SONEs know this since many of them have been around for a while and know how Kpop goes.

I think Tiffany saw some of the mean tweets which why it felt like [to me at least[ she was asking her fans to be more respectful, writing ‘kindness and grace’ in her tweet.

Again, its not that big of an issue. I have been watching Big Hit for some time now and they don’t like getting involved in issues no matter how small. I bet they’re trying to figure out what to do.

The best option would be to change the name obviously, even tho I really like it especially when it’s read and spoken in Korean, it has a very special meaning. It suits Tiffany and it suits TXT.

Again, let us wait for Big Hit response before passing judgment. It’s not worth fighting over a fandom name that’s been released for TXT for about 24 hours, there is still time to change or take action.

With everything that’s going on in the Kpop industry right now this is child’s play, chill!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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