This Trainee Was Called Too Old By Yang Hyun Suk, At Her Debut Showcase She Has This Message For Him

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Yang Hyun Suk is known for being a man who doesn’t mince his words no matter how harsh they may be sometimes.

Back in November 2017, Yang Hyun Suk made headlines for being too harsh on a contestant he visited, her name was Sori of CocoSori, an unknown girl group that failed to gain attention after their debut.

Sori is older than the majority of Kpop idols currently promoting or recently debuted, she is 29 years old (in Korean reckoning). Back then, Yang Hyun Suk criticized her and said that she is too old in term of idol age. One of the harsh lines he said was,

“Its an age (referring to her age) when you should retire.”

As you’d expect, netizens were less than pleased with those remarks Yang Hyun Suk said. They called him harsh and said that he only criticized her without giving proper advice.

He was criticized badly enough that he had gone to her agency again and shared a video of him talking to her. He praised her and said that he wanted to tell her that he only criticized her because he had an interest in her abilities.

Sori has finally held her first solo debut showcase of her single, she mentioned her experience on “MIXNINE” and said,

“I have gained so much from ‘MIXNINE.’ I was also able to come to the decision to promote solo because of the program.”

She then added a sweet message she had for Yang Hyun Suk who previously said she was too old, she said,

“I want to tell him that I can do it as well. Watch me.”

Wishing Sori the best of luck!

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