This Oh My Girl Member Shocks Fans Revealing She Takes 40 Supplements Pills A Day

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Oh My Girl member Seunghee shocked fans by admitting she’s taking over 40 pills of supplements.

On November 20 episode of FashionN’s “Follow Me 12,” Seunghee ended up saying something that made headlines in South Korea.

She was preparing for Oh My Girl overseas activities and revealed some of the key items in her luggage. Seunghee revealed her inventory of vitamins, she named them as the most needed items, she says she feels the need to stay healthy during her busy idol schedule.

She said,

“I take 40 pills a day.”

When she saw footage of her group performing overseas she couldn’t hide her tears, she said,

“In order to fulfill my dreams of becoming a singer, I started singing at the age of 12, and it took me 8-9 years.

I am thankful every time I stand on stage, I will work hard to repay all my fans who are always cheering us on.”

What do you think of this?

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