The Two Rookie Girl Groups TWICE Jihyo And Sana Want To Befriend + The Cute Interactions They Shared With One Of Them

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TWICE Jihyo and Sana have recently made a guest appearance on “Wendy’s Young Street,” and talked about rookie girl groups they want to befriend.

TWICE Jihyo and Sana talked to Wendy about all sorts of things promoting their most recent comeback. TWICE has now become seniors in the industry and many young kpop groups look up to them, when Wendy asked which junior singers they’d like to get close to, Sana excitedly replied with, ‘NewJeans,’ Jihyo added that she believes they’re cute, she also said she liked IVE.

Jihyo said NewJeans specifically brought out her ‘big sister’ instinct out, Jihyo said that since she also has a sibling born in 2008 and there is a member in NewJeans born in that year, she felt as if she was her younger sister.

Fans also recalled the recent cute interactions between the two groups. TWICE and NewJeans recently appeared together on SBS’s “Inkigayo,” the two interacted and both fangirled over each other.

Check out the cute videos down below!

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