The Truth Behind Why EXO Sehun Suddenly Has A New Dog Earns Him Praise

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EXO Sehun has a new dog!

Recently, a video was published on NNG YouTube channel, originally, Chanyeol was supposed to make it to the shooting of the video but he had to cancel due to a sudden emergency, instead the crew went to meet Sehun and learned something adorable in the process.

Fans are aware that Sehun has a white bichon named Vivi, but suddenly, they saw that he had gotten a new brown dog and wondered what the reason behind it could be. Sehun posted about the dog to his instagram a couple of weeks ago, but some thought it was Vivi.

Sehun explained that the dog is his friend’s dog, the friend and his girlfriend had been taking care of the dog but since they broke up, Sehun took the dog in until his friends resolved, the issue was supposed to be resolved within two months but that never happened, Sehun says he’s currently taking care of the dog, Monsieur, because he has nowhere else to go.

Sehun said,

“But it seems like the issue will never be resolved, so I think I will live with Monsieur for the rest of my life.”

Sehun also added that he’s grown fond of him.

Posts about Sehun’s reason for taking in Monsieur have been written on online communities, Sehun is getting praised for his kind soul and for taking in a dog that had no place to go.

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