The Real Reason Behind Why HyunA Chose PSY’s Agency Out Of All Other Agencies Finally Revealed

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HyunA is blessing us with many amazing facts and updates about herself following her comeback!

HyunA recently made her highly anticipated comeback On November 5, she has been actively promoting on TV and radio again after a long time, she has a lot to catch up on with fans and we’re finally getting more content from her.

On November 11, HyunA appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” she promoted her newest track and answered all sorts of questions. One of the questions she was asked was about her new agency, P-Nation.

Earlier this year, HyunA signed an exclusive contract with PSY newly found agency P-Nation alongside her boyfriend Dawn (Hyojong, previously known as E’dawn). HyunA was asked whether other agencies had also attempted to sign her with them, she answered,

“Frankly speaking, there were many. I am still very thankful to those who gave me offers. They had contacted me saying they’ll root for me until the end.”

HyunA also explained why she chose PSY’s new agency, she said,

“I had a feeling that they would understand me the best. PSY’s first performance of ‘Bird’ that I saw when I was young still lingers in my memory.

I started dancing because I was timid. When I saw his performance, I wanted to release similar energy on stage. We met again for ‘Gangnam Style,’ and he told me he’d like to continue working me with in the future. It turned out he was being serious.”

Fans are extremely glad that she found an agency that appreciates her talent allowing her to continue being herself. Fans also love how PSY doesn’t try to control his artists the way other idol agencies often do.

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Do you think she made the right choice in joining PSY’s agency?

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