The Ministry Of National Defense Draws Backlash After Announcing That BTS Would Be Able To Participate In Public And National Events After Enlisting

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The recent news from The Ministry of National Defense has angered many fans.

Previously, Big Hit confirmed that BTS will be enlisting in the military starting with Jin, who is the oldest, in the coming months.

On October 18, during a regular briefing, the acting deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense said this,

When there is a national event for the public interest or any event that is held in the national interest, we will provide an opportunity for them to participate if they wish.

I still know that some soldiers who have enlisted in the military that are also offered such an opportunity if available.”

Lee Jong Seop, the minister of National Defense, had also previously stated that BTS would still be able to perform overseas while serving in the military for the ‘interest of the national interest.’ Attention is focused on whether this system will be placed and passed.

Many ARMY are not happy with the news, comments on the article discussing this criticized the ministry for “using BTS” and are asking for the ministry to leave them alone, some of the top voted comments read, “how Is that an opportunity? It means they will be used as a propaganda tool,” “selfish behavior of letting go of the military for public interest,” “it sounds like you’re saying you’re going to use them well,” and many more.

The fandom had grown tired of BTS being constantly used in the political sphere when discussing military enlistment and were glad that BTS have announced their official position on the matter. With this new news piece, many ARMY are worried about BTS again.

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  1. If they wish is the key phrase. I trust them to know what’s best for themselves. Just love them and wait. They don’t want the controversy.

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