The Kdrama “The Deal” Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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The Kdrama “The Deal” has released its finale recently, let us explain the ending!

The Kdrama “The Deal” episode 8 recap

Jun Sung is stunned he killed Min Woo, Jae-Hyo tries to calm him down as he’s driving but he’s not doing well.

Meanwhile, Soo-An’s sunbae continues to dig into her case and tracks the last location of her phone and matches that with Jae-Hyo’s.

Chairman Hwang meets with Jo Yong-Ho and asks why he delayed killing Park Min-Woo’s mom, he says he will kill her himself and that he shouldn’t worry.

The two men drive to a place, Jun Sung asks Jae-Hyo to use his hidden phone, he’s slightly surprised but agrees on the condition he decides how they leave. Jun Sung calls the loan shark and his father too.

Meanwhile, Park Min-Woo’s mom is informed of where Jun Sung will be to hand in money and as she’s about to leave, she goes to the kitchen and sees her son is in fact not dead but alive. She’s stunned, he tears up and says he’ll explain everything.

The two men then move to a place where they can drop off some money for Jun Sung’s father and then the lenders. The gangsters also are onto them. Jae-Hyo waits for him at the parking lot and then opens his phone, sees the numbers he’s called.

Jun Sung hands the gangsters the money, but the headmaster is talking to Jae Hyo on the phone, Jae Hyo told him he’d give him extra money to kill Jun Sung, he talks to him on the phone, he asks for him to be understanding since he doesn’t want to leave, he wants to stay behind and get help going back to being a med student.

Jun Sung cries and tells him, ‘things won’t go your way, you’ll find out why later.’ The gangsters begin attacking him. at the same time, Min Woo’s men also find and get a hold of Jae Hyo.

As Jun Sung is being attacked and subdued, Jo Yong-Ho shows up and murders them, he then rushes to his side and asks where Min Woo is, he says, ‘why don’t you ask him yourself, he’s alive,’ before passing out from the anesthesia the organ harvester injected.

As he’s leaving the place, Tojaengyi is there, and so is Min Woo’s mother. She says she can also play dirty and that he should’ve killed her when he had the chance, he says killing him won’t end it, and she agrees. So, she says she’s killed Chairman Hwang too and will be taking on the business.

When asked what they should do with Jun Sung and Jae Hyo, the mother says they should ask Min Woo. He then says to kill Jae Hyo and spare Jun Sung.

Jae Hyo is killed by Tojaengyi, he strangles him with a plastic bag.

When Jun Sung wakes up, he sees Min Woo who tells him he really wanted him to dead but thought of how he planned on ditching his friend by pretending to kill him, so he spared his life. Since he took too much anesthesia, saving him was hard. He says they shouldn’t cross paths again, Jun Sung agrees.

At a train station, Jun Sung goes and sees the remaining money he left for his father, as he closes it, Soo-An’s sunbae arrests him for kidnapping, murder and such.

After serving jail time, Jun Sung is released. He leaves and goes to a bus station, he gets a ticket to Seoul. As he leaves, he hears Jae Hyo’s voice. He trembles, he’s riddled with guilt and trauma, he moves forward.

The end.

The Kdrama “The Deal” ending explained- FAQ

The Kdrama “The Deal” episode 8 review

What was this ending? it sort of makes sense but at the same time makes zero sense…

Lets talk about what makes sense first, its how Jun Sung was spared, it makes lots of sense and honestly, that was an interesting note to end on.

Additionally, Jae Hyo was being delusional at that stage, he took it too far, always too far to the point that its puzzling how he ever thought he could escape his fate.

He knows people are looking for him since he took sh*t ton of money from scary people, but he insists on going back and bribing that professor to get back to medical school. How did he ever think this could go his way?

Jun Sung was right, they should’ve escaped overseas, that was their only chance, but Jae Hyo is greedy and just won’t settle. Loved the writing for both their characters.

Now onto what does not make sense.

I wanted to know what happened to Min Woo and his mom because if Jun Sung was arrested, police must’ve then been onto his case, meaning they’ll investigate the family, they’ll ask questions, ‘where is Jae Hyo?’ and the more they dig, the more they’ll find out… like the fact that his mother dared kill that chairman. That was probably the most puzzling plot choice, I think Jae Hyo’s death could be covered up, but a dozen bodies? And with someone like chairman Hwang? A man who is known and has connections?

I highly doubt it.

The drama had been almost perfect, but this particular plot point was flawed, to say the least. I think if the mother lawyered up or gotten protection after getting her hands on her son, the chairman could not have done much to her without jeopardizing himself in the process.

I wonder why this decision was made aside from wanting Jun Sung to survive by making him go to jail.

Regardless, this was a fun drama to watch. The acting was immaculate, and everyone did a good job. Definitely the most memorable Seung Ho drama in recent memory.

What did you think of The Deal ending? did you like it or not?

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