The Hilarious Reason Why JYP Founder Park Jin Young Apologized To Sunmi On Instagram

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Park Jin Young and Sunmi have the cutest funniest interaction on Instagram and fans can’t get enough!

Following Park Jin Young’s comeback, his former labelmate Sunmi posted his picture to show support for his new single, however, she complained about the ramifications of posting his picture, she jokingly commented on that same photo with,

“I’ve lost about a hundred followers in a minute since I uploaded this picture,” and added, “I didn’t mean to scare you guys… Chill out.”

Despite losing hundreds of followers Sunmi persisted and again posted about Park Jin Young’s comeback to show support again and added in the comments in English, “How much I’m gonna lose this time…” she also commented in Korean, “Park Jin Young PD, you know I am joking, right? Good luck!!!!”

It seems that Park Jin Young saw the posts and in good spirit went on with the joke; he uploaded her post and apologized on Instagram,

“Sunmi I heard there was people who unfollowed you after you uploaded this. Sorry sister.”

Fans couldn’t stop laughing at their cute interaction on Instagram, they’re also happy to learn that Sunmi still keeps in touch with her former agency founder Park Jin Young. She had previously left JYP in 2017.

What do you think of their hilarious interaction?

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