The Heartbreaking Reason Why EXO Suho Broke Down In Tears On Live Broadcast Shows Just How Much He Cares For His Fans

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EXO Suho has recently made his highly awaited debut as a solo artist and fans were there to support him every step of the way.

The album did so well in terms of sale but the lead single couldn’t stay on the top of the charts in Korea for as long as fans had hoped compared to other EXO songs who tend to remain on the top of the charts for way longer.

On April 12, Suho held an online fan meeting to discuss his first solo album; the broadcast lasted for almost two hours. Suho talked about a lot of things with fans and during a portion of the broadcast, Suho began choking as he discussed something relating to his fans, he noticed that fans have been beating themselves down because they couldn’t help his songs stay longer on the charts, he expressed his regret in making fans stress because of him,

“EXO-Ls care about the rankings and the results more than I do. I felt so sorry about that.

I just want to be a singer for my fans, for a long time. Even if only one fan remains for me, I will be happy to sing and perform on stage.”

He goes on to share his hopes that EXO-Ls won’t feel bad about this,

“So I hope EXO-Ls don’t feel sorry or anything. I just want to enjoy being with you and performing on stage.”

EXO-Ls couldn’t stop talking about how Suho cried because of them; many sent him encouraging messages to help him cheer up during the broadcast.

You can check out the full broadcast here.

What do you think of Suho’s comments?

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