IZ*ONE And X1 Future To Be Revealed Soon, Mnet Issues Official Apology Regarding Produce Series Controversy

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Mnet has issued yet another apology regarding the vote manipulation controversy surrounding its produce series.

In their official statement released on December 3, Mnet stated,

“Hello, this is Mnet.

We would like to sincerely apologize to viewers, fans, trainees, and agencies for causing worry with our program.”

Mnet also explained that they’re currently cooperating with the police investigation fully and sincerely. Mnet added that the future plans for IZ*ONE and X1 will be revealed as soon as possible.

This comes after the agencies of these groups promised to reveal what will happen to IZ*ONE and X1 soon, however, they never commented again on IZ*ONE and X1 future plans causing further backlash.

Fans are deeply worried about IZ*ONE and X1, some are in favor of disbandment while others are in favor of keeping the teams intact. Every possible solution to this dilemma will cause losses regardless.

IZ*ONE and X1 have been both under heavy scrutiny for Mnet and their agency mistakes. Some k-fans even started a petition to disband both groups. IZ*ONE and X1 are both currently inactive.

What do you think of Mnet’s statement?

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