The Epic BTS Members Cameo Scene On Agust D “Daechwita” That You Might’ve Totally Missed

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Guess who made a cameo appearance on Agust D “Daechwita” MV?

On May 22, Agust D blessed fans by dropping his new mixtape “D-2,” he released a music video for the title track “Daechwita” as well.

The word “Daechwita” is a term that refers to a genre of Korean traditional music that includes wind and percussion instruments, during the MV he transforms from a commoner to a king. It is set in ancient Korean times with a Korean palace as the backdrop.

“D-2” includes a total of 10 tracks; Big Hit Entertainment has shared links to download it below.

Aside from the epic MV that has already surpassed 2 million likes; some fans noticed something interesting in the background towards the beginning of the MV. Suga bumps into a BTS member who then bumps into another one and they engage in a fight.

The hilarious scene happens around the 0:57 mark, Jin bumps into Suga who offers no apologies, and accidentally also bumps into Jungkook and they proceed to engage in a petty fight that was hilarious to say the least.

Have you guys seen the new MV yet? Check it out below if you haven’t already!

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