Chinese Authorities Ask TWICE’s Tzuyu Biggest Fan Club To Change Their Name, Why?

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TWICE’s Tzuyu biggest Chinese fanclub named ‘TZUYUbar’ will have to change its name.

TWICE’s Tzuyu biggest Chinese fanclub ‘TZUYUbar’ was asked to modify their name on the biggest Chinese social media site Weibo, but why?

According to Taiwanese media outlets, the Chinese fan club which includes about 230,000 members revealed in a now-deleted post that they received a notice, they must change their name within two weeks.

The reason?

It’s been reported that the Chinese government finds the word ‘bar’ in the name to be problematic under a new commission called the Central Cyberspace Affair commission.

While some might not be aware, the Central Cyberspace Affair commission has been affecting the entertainment industry in China. The Chinese authorities have begun tightening regulations around what they deem to be violent and irrational behavior by fandoms.

This includes prohibiting the release of celebrity charts, disbanding fan clubs that raise money for celebrities, prohibiting minors from spending money to support idols, prohibiting fighting between celebrity fan clubs, and much more.

Those who do not follow the regulations face penalties.

Do you think ‘TZUYUbar’ should change its name?

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