The 32nd Golden Disc Awards Explain How And Why BTS Won The Grand Prize Award

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Following Day 2 of the 32nd Golden Disc Awards, controversy aroused as some fans and spectators thought that EXO was going to walk home with the Daesang prize in physical album sales at The 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

It was BTS’s first time to win a Golden Disc Daesang prize, following the awards show, Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports released a lengthy article explaining how the winner in that category was determined.

According to Ilgan Sports. The album prizes were based on sales data for albums released from December of 2016 to November of 2017 depending on Gaon Charts up to December 2017.

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Only albums with six or more new songs (excluding intro, outro, and instrumental tracks, as well as different versions of new songs that had previous been on artists other albums), these six new songs were included in the Bongsang and Daesang prizes. This meant that variety and drama OST albums were excluded.

This meant, that if artists have released more than one album in 2017, the one with the highest sales number was to be included in the category for competition.

How are the digital category awards determined?

According to the report, 80% is determined by sales and 20% by expert evaluation. These standards were picked by the executive committee of the awards show, which includes experts from distributors and popular figures in the music community.

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The sales of a single album were scored based on the definition of a ‘single album,’ the ‘single album’ has to have the same number of major tracks and the same releases date, it has to be distributed and produced in Korea.

If the album featured another language beside Korean, it would still be considered in the criteria if it’s a single album, the sales will be added to the total number of sales.

What if the album was a repackage album?

The executive committee answered this by stating that if the repackage album includes six or more new songs, it will be evaluated as a single album. It also means that the repackage album can end up winning if it has higher sales than the originally released album.

BTS’s hit album Love Yourself: Her” recorded 1,493,443 album sales, while EXO’s fourth album “The War,” recorded 1,085,094 in sales, accounting the Chinese and Korean versions of the album since it meets the executive committee criteria.

This means that BTS won in highest score in the sales part of the evaluation.

BTS’s hit album Love Yourself: Her” was the first album in six years to break g.o.d’s record set back in 2001.

In panel evaluation, BTS also snagged the first spot, the 30 experts who voted BTS were music show producing directors, radio producing directors, music critics, Korean music distributors, music journalists, members of the Golden Disc Awards executive committee.

BTS received 290 score out of 300, while EXO received a score of 211. This means that 26 of the 30 experts chose BTS’s album.

The executive committee added,

“The market is changing rapidly, and the methods and format in which the music is released is changing in various ways. The Golden Disk awards ceremony will continue to use the same evaluation system that attends to the trends and tides, under the umbrella of fairness.”

How did you feel about BTS’s win?

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My Thoughts

Pleaseeee no fandom wars… plllleeeeaaasssseee.

BTS and EXO deserve all the love and support they get, every member is talented, there is no need to trash BTS for winning the award, EXO has won many awards and executive committee explained (logically) how the winners were chosen, this means that it was already pre-determined. Unlike other committees (ehmm… MAMA… ehmmm).

Congrats to all the winners, lets spread love not hate![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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