The 2022 MAMA Awards Removes Twitter Votes From Its Judging Criteria For Popularity Awards, Here Is Why

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The 2022 MAMA Awards will no longer count Twitter’s votes, here is why!

On November 9, The 2022 MAMA Awards issued a statement to international fans. In their statement, they reveal that they will no longer count Twitter votes in their judging criteria when it comes to voting via Twitter.

The 2022 MAMA Awards explains the reasoning behind it, ‘due to internal changes within Twitter,’ they can no longer obtain Twitter voters’ data. Thus, it has been changed for two awards: Worldwide icon of the year, and worldwide fans’ choice. While Twitter votes accounted for 20% of the first and 10% of the latter, the amounts have been redistributed to the other judging criteria.

Fans are having mixed reactions to the news. However, its important to point out that it is possible the award show cannot obtain the data because of the recent Twitter changes. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter and became its CEO, he has reportedly sacked about 8 of its 30 employees in South Korea. This has been an ongoing situation and its been reported that it could possibly be a violation of their labor laws. Its been theorized that it might be the reason why The 2022 MAMA Awards is not able to get the data they need anymore.

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