The 2019 MBC Music Festival Cuts Off Kim Jae Hwan Mid-Performance, He Bows Down In Apology To Fans, Fans Furious

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The 2019 MBC Music Festival, like all other major channels festivals, had an accident.

During the 2019 MBC Music Festival, singer Kim Jae Hwan was performing his song ‘The Time I Need’ when the music suddenly cut off and switched to his other song ‘Noona,’ Kim Jae Hwan was extremely flustered by the change of music as well as his dancers; they immediately changed their positions and performed the song that played. He was supposed to perform other songs today as well.

Later, after performing ‘Noona’ the dancers rushed backstage and before Kim Jae Hwan left, he bowed down in apology for fans while they cheered him on. After the festival ended and video footage of the incident spread on Twitter, fans couldn’t help but feel sad and disappointed in MBC for not allowing Kim Jae Hwan to perform his setlist as previously announced.

Fans had previously taken photos of Kim Jae Hwan and his team practicing for the festival earlier today in the cold weather, the team prepared so much for the stage and fans are furious that they didn’t get to show it at the festival.

After his performance, one of the festival MCs Jang Sunggyu explained that there was an issue connecting to the Jamsil tour, he also said that ‘it’s the beauty of the live broadcast,’ and asked for fans understanding if MBC had caused any inconvenience.

Fans didn’t really find ‘the beauty of live broadcast’ to be the correct sentence to say after MBC cut off Kim Jae Hwan, the MC later apologized to Kim Jae Hwan and the viewers, he said that his nervousness got in the way.

After video clips of Kim Jae Hwan performance went viral, his fandom started trending hashtags in Korean and English asking MBC to apologize to him. Check out fans reactions below:

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