TFN’s [formerly T1419] Sian To Halt Activities Due To Symptoms Of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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TFN’s [formerly T1419] Sian will halt activities due to health issues.

On October 24, MLD Entertainment issued a statement to announce that Sian would be sitting out of the group’s upcoming comeback due to dizziness and headaches he’s experiencing due to symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss. The idol had complained of those issues related to symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss and as a result, he will not be taking part in their group’s upcoming activities. Taking their artist’s health as their priority, Sian will be sitting out of activities. They asked for fans’ understanding regarding the sudden news and promised to do their best to help the artists work to recover their health.

The group had recently made headlines for changing their name from T1419 to TFN.

TFN will make a comeback with the new mini album “BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 4” on October 26.

We hope Sian feels much better soon!

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