Terry Crews And John Legend Share Admiration For BTS

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Recently beloved American actor and personality Terry Crew talked about BTS while sharing his love for travelling.

He took part in Chicago Tribune interview, when asked “How has traveling shaped the way you view entertainment?” He gave an inspiring answering and mentioned BTS, he said,

“You’re Korean, right? I love BTS. The first time I saw them I was like, “These kids are jamming!” They’re top trending on Twitter every time I turn around and I checked them out when they were on TV. They put on a show! Would I have appreciated a group that doesn’t sing in English when I was 20? Probably not. But that’s something that travel has given me — this appreciation for different cultures and things that are not familiar to me.”

The interviewer name was Kim Jae Ha, he is also Korean.

John Legend has also showed admiration for BTS.

The group held a fan meeting at Yokohama Arena in Japan on April 18. BTS’s V and Jungkook serenaded fans with a cover of John Legend’s “All of Me.” A fan who attended the event shared a video on twitter that ended up going viral.

A fan retweeted the video and mentioned John Legend, John Legend seems to have watched it, he gave the retweet a like, making BTS fans happy.

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