Tao, Luhan And Kris Seem To Have Become Close Friends Again For The First Time Since Leaving EXO

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Tao, Luhan and Kris Wu all left Kpop group EXO at different times a couple of years ago!

Ever since then, the boys pursued individual careers as solo singers and actors. They have become some of the most influential celebrities in China.

Avid EXO fans wished the three would stay as close as they used to be, however, since their departure from the group no news of them meeting up or getting together were ever published.

Aside from some social media interactions with each other, it has been a while since fans heard of anything substantial.

On New Year’s Eve, fans noticed sweet interactions between Luhan and Kris Wu. Their interactions brought tears to fans hearts.

It seems that the three boys have reunited and even helped out each other during difficult times.

On a recent episode of Luhan’s reality show “Luhan’s Adventure Trip to Europe,” his close friend opened up about Luhan’s immense fear of flying airplanes.

The friend LaoGao said,

“It was difficult for Luhan to travel by air. He had to prepare for it psychologically for a long time. It was particularly bad this time.

He usually drinks the day before and then drinks again before getting on board, otherwise, he can’t do it but he didn’t want to do that this time. The original plan was to take off on January 9th and when we failed, our first reaction was that we probably couldn’t make this trip.”

He then talked about Tao and Kris Wu and how they helped him through this and made it possible for him to catch the airplane this time.

He said,

“There was another flight at 6 a.m. on the 11. We were worried but then Z.Tao showed up. He and Kris Wu were trying to convince him to take this flight. I think they even went to Luhan’s home.”

The friend revealed that Tao took the extra step and even accompanied Luhan to the airport, it did take Luhan a while but he was able to board the airplane this time.

The two stayed in the car for a while after arriving at the airport, Luhan then got out and said ‘lets go.’ the friend added,

“I really respect him. Nobody was with him, nobody dragged him onto the plane, and it was just Tao who dropped him off.”

This episode became such a hot topic that it topped China’s Weibo at number one.

Fans were happy to see the three former members express their love and support each other through difficult times.

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