T-Ara Jiyeon Parts Ways With Her Agency, Becomes A Free Agent

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T-ara Jiyeon’s exclusive contract with the current agency has ended.

According to the OSEN report on February 20, Jiyeon recently terminated an exclusive contract with her agency, AnB Group, and became a free agent. The two sides cheered each other’s future moves and concluded the contract smoothly.

Jiyeon debuted as a girl group T-Ara in 2009 and was loved by many for their hit songs such as “Sexy Love,” “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” and “Roly-Poly.” She also released her solo album “NEVER EVER” in 2014 and “SENPASS” in 2019.

In particular, Jiyeon acted as an actress by appearing in “Master of Study,” “Dream High 2” and “Miss Ripley.” Jiyeon, who was well-received for appearing in the drama “Imitation,” also appeared in the movie “Gangnam Zombie” last month.

In December last year, she married Hwang Jae Kyun, a player from the KT Wiz in the Korean professional baseball league, and received keen attention. Moreover, close singer IU sang a congratulatory song at Jiyeon’s wedding, catching attention.

According to broadcasting officials, Jiyeon is looking for a new agency. Attention is drawn to Jiyeon’s move, which marks the second act of her life after marriage.

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