Suspected Sasaeng Interrupts BTS During J-Hope Birthday Celebration, Big Hit Issues A Clarification

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ARMY were debating a recent incident that took place during BTS’s V Live broadcast.

On February 17 moving to February 18, the boys went on V Live to celebrate J-Hope’s birthday with a countdown. However, a female suddenly came into the room during the recording. What made things creepier was that the woman quickly took photos of the members before closing the door again.

The brief appearance freaked out fans, especially since BTS has been struggling with sasaengs for a long time, a lot of recent incidents prompted the fandom to ask of stricter security measures from Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment delivered and even blacklisted some sasaengs because of repetitive behaviors that violated the artists’ privacy.

Some ARMY thought this woman was also a sasaeng that somehow figured out the location of BTS’s hotel and sneaked in while they were live. Other ARMY thought it was a female staff that had either intentionally or unintentionally ended up in the frame.

The issue was talked about by the press and grew bigger in size. The issue became the center of attention because it can be a serious red flag and violation of privacy if proven to have been truly a sasaeng case.

However, Big Hit Entertainment stepped up to issue a response that put an end to all speculations.

On February 18, Big Hit Entertainment issued a simple response clarifying that they have confirmed the person in the back was a staff member of the agency not a stranger.

They added,

“The hotel is structured in a way that prevents outsiders from getting in, we thoroughly protect our artists.”

Fans breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the official statement. You can check out the broadcast in question here.

How do you feel about this?

My Thoughts

When I first heard about it, I was seriously freaked out and scared for the boys.

After about 6-10 hours of the issue going live, I think it was when bighit issued a response. I was happy because I found it wasn’t a big deal.

I saw a lot of ARMY on twitter worrying about BTS’s safety because of the recent sasaeng issues that have become even creepier and more worrisome than ever despite bighit’s immense efforts to protect BTS. Poor bighit, they are literally doing the best they could, smh!

If it was a sasaeng imagine the fear, imagine a woman breaking and entering their hotel room as they were doing live broadcast. The thing is, I saw videos and photos of alleged sasaengs on twitter and instagram updating people with videos stalking BTS earlier today.

I am not sure if these videos are true or not and to what extent but these videos and photos started going viral after this issue with the broadcast. They could be trolls or real. I am not sure what is creepier; I just don’t understand how pathetic you must be to go this far to chase after a singer in a group.

True or not, spreading such videos online after illegally stalking them or pretending to, is both equally scary and crazy.

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