Super Junior Siwon Bows His Head In A Second Apology To Chinese Fans, Says Hong Kong Is Part Of China

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Super Junior Siwon has been heavily criticized for liking a tweet about a subject that covers police brutality in Hong Kong, the chain of events that happened afterward is nothing short of puzzling and it led to Siwon not only issuing one apology but two apologies.

In his first apology, Super Junior Siwon says that he wished for the violence to stop in Hong Kong and for peace to be reached. Despite his initial statement, one of his biggest fanclubs in China which has more than 90,000 fans closed down. He was still attacked by Chinese netizens for his apology.

On November 26, Super Junior Siwon ended up issuing a second apology that angered Korean netizens this time. To his official Weibo account, he wrote,

“I apologize for disappointing you with what I recently caused and for hurting your feelings due to my wrongdoings on twitter.”

He apologized over and over again in his statement but shocked everybody when he said this,

“I do not deny that Hong Kong is a part of China.

I express my deep apologies to everyone. I am sorry.”

It’s uncommon for a celebrity to write two apology statements. This also makes Super Junior Siwon the first Korean Kpop idol to state that Hong Kong belongs to China. His second apology trended in South Korea, k-netizens bashed him for changing his stance and for saying that Hong Kong is a part of China, many K-netizens support the Hong Kong protests.

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  1. Honestly he liked 1 tweet maybe he enjoy what the article said or Was glad he was informed can’t he just be himself and enjoy stuff? Crap like this is why we’ve been losing more and more K-Idols and it’s sad to see really They just want to entertain the fans but fans FORGET that they have lived and feeling too

      1. I love how MOST of the people on this comment section aren’t from China or are excusing his behavior. I’m sorry, but Siwon should have known that fans were going to see. No this is not why we have been losing idols the reason we have been losing idols is because their companies don’t pay attention to there mental health. I sorry to break it to you, but “these politics” are hurting people and some have lost there lives. I completely understand that Siwon has the right to his own opinion just like did when he was supporting Homophobia but that doesn’t make his opinion facts or any less hurtful.

  2. Soooo you can’t have an opinion in Asian countries , Esspecially China?? Cool. But we shouldn’t support said countries tearing idols apart for government ideology. Its pure idiocracy and shows low self-esteem in the country itself. I love asian music. Hate how you treat your artist though ☕☕☕

  3. Why the hell he has to apologise??? I mean… He has his own life, his own space. So what if he’s a celeb …he also have his own rights. Doesn’t entertainment industries give such space to their artists where they can live their social live and do what other citizens can ???
    Totally disappointed!!

    Siwon-a u did nothing wrong by just liking a tweet.

  4. Look at this people, see now they are all gathered up like zombies to eat him up, where the hell were they when han seo hee caused all the commotion making wonho leave his group. This k netizens I’m now really thinking if it’s all just a bunch of stupid immature people. Just leave him alone. Who are they to get angry upon him? not like he disrespected. It’s like this world has no place for opinions. What’s wrong in saying Hong Kong belongs to China? Its his wish and just because he said it won’t make any change or difference in the current political situation.

  5. I kinda dissapointed when I knew that he apologized (twice) for expressing his thought.. poor siwon. Being an idol is not allowed to hv a political views..?! Nonsenses

  6. Being a Public Figure means he has greater influence than normal people who are not public figures. He happens to be an entertainer therefore his opinions his thoughts life are deemed entertainment worthy (of a scoop for newspaper, media & fawn worthy for fans). Fans thus have a right to disagree or dislike his stance and the perception he gives out in public. Fans reaction therefore is their right too. As an entertainer he desires to entertain n make fans happy with his efforts in movie, drama and social

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