Super Junior Siwon Angered Chinese Netizens So Much That His Fan Club With 90,000 Members Shut Down

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Super Junior Siwon is under heavy criticism for his social media activities!

On November 24, Super Junior Siwon liked a Korean news outlet tweet with a link to a translated CNN interview with Patrick Chow, a 21-year-old unarmed protestor who was shot and was critically injured by a police officer in Hong Kong.

The content of the interview didn’t sit well with Chinese netizens who support the one-China policy, Chinese netizens now believe he supports Hong Kong protests. One netizen captured a screenshot of the tweet he liked and it blew up on Weibo generating massive backlash from Chinese netizens.

Super Junior Siwon ended up apologizing on his Weibo account, he said that he was expressing his interest and hopes for the situation of chaos and violence in Hong Kong to end soon; he ended his statement with a sincere apology for his actions.

Despite his apology, his Chinese fan club that had over 90,000 followers announced their decision to shut down.

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On the other hand, k-netizens and international fans support Super Junior Siwon, they heavily criticized Chinese netizens for trying to sensor Siwon and restrict his freedom of speech.

What do you think of this situation?

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  1. It’s really saddening, he can’t even Express?? Shame on those fans who backed off when he was just speaking his thoughts. They might have a different opinion about the Hong-Kong case but that is not the way. Everyone should be allowed to speak their mind and why does he have to apologize in the first place when he’s dont nothing wrong?? I really admire him for speaking up on such a sensitive and important matter.

  2. That’s the problem with people. He is an amazing actor, singer, dancer and probably an overall human being. So what if he gives an opinion, so what if he’s in favor of or not? So what?!?! Leave him and ALL of the kpop artists alone! They go through enough as it is. They train for years¡! They struggle and when they become big artists like they are, and win the world over,, they are entitled to their own opinions. They have the same rights as everyone else. Their expression or sympathy or concerns are their right. To Siwon, don’t worry about what anyone says. You be you. You’re true fans, friends and family are with you no matter what. Smile. Shine bright. And most of all, keep true to yourself. Don’t apologize for having a beautiful heart. Lots of love!!!

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