Super Junior Kyuhyun Honors Jonghyun’s Memory, Chokes While Singing A Song He Wrote

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Super Junior Kyuhyun recent performance has fans in tears!

The 2019 SOMEDAY THEATRE PLEROMA was held recently. Various artists performed at the show including AKMU, Henry and Kyuhyun.

Super Junior Kyuhyun performed Lee Hi’s popular track “breathe” which was written by SHINee’s Jonghyun. The song has a deep special meaning to fans, Lee Hi had also previously struggled to sing it following Jonghyun’s tragic sudden passing.

Despite being a stellar performer, Kyuhyun kept his eye low this time and closed it a couple of times while singing the song, he gave the song his all, while singing he got emotional, his voice was trembling towards the end of the song, he had to pause and hold back his tears towards the end of the song, he was barely able to say the final lines and held back his tears as hard as he could.

The song “Breathe” composed by Jonghyun was something that comforted fans and always reminded them of him, Kyuhyun obviously still misses him dearly, seeing how he’s holding back his tears, the thoughts of Jonghyun heartfelt lyrics is enough to make anyone cry.

Kyuhyun had previously spoken about being close to Jonghyun and how their friendship didn’t fade despite their busy schedules.

You can check out the performance below:

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