Super Junior Heechul Apologises For His Controversial Comments On A Live Broadcast

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Super Junior‘s Heechul has apologized for his controversial comments during a live broadcast.

On February 13, Heechul said on social media (SNS),

Regardless if my thoughts are right or wrong, I apologize for over-disposing harsh swear words and vulgar expressions and showing you this strange side of myself.
Once again, I am most sorry to the fans who were hurt by the controversy I made. Lastly, I will not be involved in any controversy in the future. But no matter how much I look back, I don’t think it’s wrong to swear at school violence and certain sites.”

On February 9, Heechul appeared on comedian Choi Gun’s YouTube broadcast and shared various stories, and his thoughts on controversial topics.

First of all, Heechul said, “(School violence) should be eradicated. You have to catch all the school bullies and fxcking hit them. They should be captured and smacked.”

In response, Choi calmed him down, saying, “Your expression was a little extreme, but the intention was to eradicate school violence.”

But Heechul went on to argue. He said angrily, “If the perpetrators of school violence do the same in front of Kang Ho Dong and Ma Dong Seok?” Then it’s okay. But they are bastxrd, if they pick certain people. Their head should be smashed. They should be beaten like an egg.”

Heechul also reacted sharply to a women’s community.

Heechul Kim said, “You have to donate so that it becomes an issue. I have donated quietly in the past, but no one knew. It’s okay that no one knows, but these bxxches in the Women’s Generation,” and Choi stopped the Heechul and turned off his microphone. Heechul said, “No. you can file a complaint openly.”

Heechul also showed a negative reaction to the boycott of Japan. He said,  “When ‘No Japan’ started, I was like **** that! Isn’t ‘No Japan’ some kind of **** that weirdos on the internet do? It’s stupid as ****!” and Choi Gun turned the microphone off in embarrassment.

After the broadcast, Internet users were divided into opinions that “it was still a little harsh” and reactions that “it was right,” and Heechul’s remarks came under fire.

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