Sungchan And Shotaro Post Handwritten Letters To Fans Following Departure From NCT

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Following the surprising news of Sungchan And Shotaro leaving NCT, the two idols took to SNS to share their thoughts and assure fans everything will be ok.

This is Shotaro’s letter:

Hello, this is Shotaro.
I’m sure you were very surprised after watching today’s video.
First and foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the fans who have supported me until now.
In my activities with NCT, the existence of fans has been the greatest source of strength for me.
In all the music shows, content, and performances I’ve done, I’ve always been so happy to receive your love and support!
Having you, the fans, by my side has allowed me to live diligently and hearing your words of gratitude has given me even greater strength.
Thank you.
All the time I spent with the fans is a precious memory.
Thank you for always watching over me and my activities with warm eyes!
I also want to extend my gratitude to the members who have cherished me like family since I joined.
Whether we’re working or spending time together, I admire and respect the members for always showing their cool and wonderful sides. It’s truly an honor and happiness for me to be able to be active in NCT, a precious team.
The valuable experiences I’ve learned through my activities in NCT will be the strength that allows me to become an artist who can make you proud and not ashamed in my future endeavors! I will work hard.
I promise that I will come back even more amazing than now, so please wait a little longer for me!

And this is Sungchan’s letter.

It’s already been about three years since I first met all of you.
I believe that it was the members and fans who helped me when I was lost in unfamiliar times a few years ago.
During my activities, I was able to learn and gain many things, but looking back, there are still areas where I could have done better, and I feel a bit regretful about that.
It was a great honor and a precious memory to be able to spend these happy three years together.
I sincerely thank the members and fans who have given me so much time, despite my many shortcomings.
I will do my best to show you a better side of me in the future.
Thank you always, and I love you!

In related news, SM announced the two idols will debut as part of their upcoming boy group.

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