Sulli’s Mother Explains How Her Relationship With Choiza Caused Their Relationship To Fall Apart

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MBC has released a new documentary about Sulli on September 10, the documentary dives deep into Sulli’s life and features interviews with people close to her including her mother and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

To everyone’s surprise, Sulli’s mother explained that her relationship with her daughter was rocky due to many things. Sulli’s parents got a divorce when she was 7 years old and her mother had to work hard to provide for them, she went into an acting academy and the director liked her so much that Sulli’s mother thought they’d do well in Seoul, so they left for Seoul.

After getting cast in “Ballad of Seodong,” they were contacted by SM who said they’d raise her to be a star. Sulli’s mother said,

“At first, she didn’t sign a contract as a singer, but an actress. However, her status changed as a child actress since her sudden tall height and SM wanted to go the idol route.”

Sulli’s mother talked about the reason behind their estranged relationship. In 2015, fans were shocked to learn that Sulli was dating Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, who is 14 years older than her. Hate comments spiked out of control since then for Sulli online. And she shortly announced her departure from f(x) after that issue.

Sulli’s mother didn’t believe the news articles at first and didn’t believe the photos as well, she thought they were exaggerated. She called her daughter to ask about the news, Sulli replied with, ‘its true, mom’

The mother disapproved of the relationship, she explained why,

“To suddenly have a boyfriend who is 14 years older than you means you have to move up too many steps without having a middle ground.

Everything changes, the way you play, drink, food, and your conversation patterns.”

Because she disapproved her relationship, Sulli was upset and asked her mother to recognize her,

“Starting with the next payment, she said she would personally receive money from her agency and that I had to write a detailed report of my spending for compensation.

Since I have a fiery personality, we settled everything shortly after. After that, we spoke occasionally, but never met up after that.”

She received the news of her daughter’s suicide via a phone call.

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