“Street Man Fighter” Sponsor Resolves The Issue After Kang Daniel’s Says The Wrong Sponsor Name On Live Broadcast

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Coca-Cola, a sponsor of “Street Man Fighter,” who experienced loss due to singer Kang Daniel saying the wrong sponsor name, has decided to smoothly resolve the issue by agreement without demanding compensation from broadcaster CJ ENM.

On November 15, A Coca-Cola official told Spotv News, “We did not ask CJ ENM, a broadcaster of “Street Man Fighter,” for compensation, and are discussing a smooth agreement.”

Coca-Cola’s statement is that Kang Daniel’s remarks on the live broadcast of “Street Man Fighter” were simply seen as a slip of the tongue and made the decision.

On the last episode of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” live broadcast on November 8, Kang Daniel said, “TXX is delicious! “I’m kidding. I’m half serious,” sparking controversy. This is because the official sponsor of “Street Man Fighter” is Coca-Cola carbonated water brand CXX, and TXX is a carbonated water brand of its rival Lotte Chilsung Beverage.

Among broadcasting and distribution officials, Kang Daniel’s mistake was pointed out as a violation of the basics of PPL.

In the end, CJ ENM edited the part in the replay, and Kang Daniel also apologized through his agency the next day, saying, “It was a mistake.”

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