Stray Kids Bang Chan Gives Subtle Hints At What Could’ve Caused Woojin’s Departure? Fans Divided

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Do we finally have a basic idea about why Woojin suddenly departed from Stray Kids?

2019 was a grim year for Kpop, arguably its worst year since 2014. In 2019, over 35 idols left their groups, we compiled a list you can check out here.

Many departures were expected but there were also some that caught everybody off-guard, one of them has to be Woojin’s Departure from the rookie JYP group Stray Kids.

There were no visible issues to fans; the news was suddenly announced to the shock of the entire fandom that couldn’t grasp the reason behind Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids. JYP gave a brief statement not touching on anything or clarifying anything either.

But it seems that there were issues prior to the announcement, at least that’s what some fans believe after seeing Stray Kids Bangchan recent V Live.

On March 24, Stray Kids Bangchan went on V Live for about an hour to chat with fans. During the broadcast, he evoked attention and for what he said about a ‘person he knows who made mistakes.’

His conversation first appeared to be about an unknown friend but he called the friend ‘him,’ and went into details about how a friend he knew caused so much trouble and had to face the ‘worst consequences.’

Here is what he said,

“Make sure to think about the people around you too… it means that you’re being really really selfish.  

I know a person who had to face the worst consequences by making a lot of mistakes and it was because of those mistakes that affected the people around him. If you make a promise with a team and the people around you, you need to be responsible and keep those promises and not break them.

It’s fine to make mistakes, but just make sure to be careful as it can affect you and the ones around you and think very carefully about your future and what you wanna do and your dreams because the actions and decisions you make could become a really big turning point in your life.”

Up until that paragraph, fans had no idea who he was talking about, however, all of that changed when he followed that with,

“I can’t get into a lot of details but Stays know what I mean.

I don’t know…. I feel like for me the top priority is to think about the people around you. Of course, I am important as well but its because its like a really big industry where you have to work with a lot of people so its good to think about the people around you.”

This got fans wondering what could he possibly referring to, many think he’s referring to Woojin because of the way he spoke and how much he stressed ‘the people around you,’ and ‘your team.’

This also got Bangchan some heat because fans didn’t appreciate that he talked about Woojin like that, many also say they can’t be decisive because its only one part of the story.

Regardless, clips of Bangchan’s live are circulating the web. Check out a clip of it below. You can also watch the entire V Live and see for yourself here.

Do you think Bangchan was referring to Woojin? What do you think could’ve caused his departure?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I think bangchan as a leader of the group calling this friend him is the men’s thing about this situation I the woojin was hurt the his leader who Ben there since dissiek 9 real is not the same without him

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