Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Revealed To Be Recovering From Minor Surgery

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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan has revealed that he’s recently undergone a minor surgery.

On June 5, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan greeted fans with episode 160 of his weekly show “Chan’s room” on V Live.

Bang Chan revealed the news at the very beginning of the broadcast, he explained to fans that he might be a bit more tired than usual because he underwent surgery.

He said he has undergone sinus surgery. He said in English,

“My left nostril—like, the passageway that the air has to go through—is okay. But my right one is so tight. So there’s a really big difference when I breathe in air. When I’m awake, I can [ignore it], but when I sleep, there’s been a couple of times when I would wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air.”

Bang Chan said he thought it would be a good time to fix it. He had previously underwent the same surgery last year. He said he was slightly worried he might have to undergo surgery again in the future. According to his doctor, if this surgery doesn’t prove to have fixed everything, they might have to fix his nose in general, so he’s a bit worried about that.

He reassured fans he’s doing well and is keeping an eye on the situation for now.

Wishing Bang Chan the speediest of recoveries.

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