Sportswriter Attends SuperM Concert, Criticize Their Knowledge Of The City And Their Lip Syncing, Fans Furious

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A sportswriter named Stefan Stevenson managed to anger the entire Kpop community with his article dissecting SuperM’s concert at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on November 11. He reviewed the concert as he attended it and the article is an eyesore to fans.

The article title reads: SuperM launches K-pop tour at Dickies Arena to screams of joy and one huge blunder, which already got on the nerves of many fans. He refers to the group condescendingly and heavily criticized SuperM’s lip-syncing performances.

He first criticized the fact that they didn’t even know the name of the city they performed at,

“Most of them [referring to fans] probably didn’t even notice (or care) that the group apparently didn’t know what city it was in. Despite a massive sign behind the stage declaring that this was “SuperM Live [in] Fort Worth.””

He also took aim at the fact that translation took place, he says most members spoke Korean and a translator was present, he called that, “Perhaps it was first-night jitters.”

He mostly heavily criticized that the boys didn’t even sing live but rather lip-synced, he wrote,

“It was clear most, if not all, of the show would be lip-synced. Most of the show was obviously tracked as the seven members spent their time frantically moving in sync with each other, which is part of the charm for K-pop fans. At other moments, live vocals appeared to seep in, or at least helped augment the prerecorded tracks. Either way, the group did a valiant job pretending to sing.”

After the article was published, SuperM fans took issue with it and confronted him; he engaged in conflict with fans over twitter and proceeded to degrade Kpop, even more, calling it ‘entertainment for 13 year-olds,’ check out some of his tweets below:

What are your thoughts on his article and this conflict?

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