Spanish Magazine Infuriates Fans By Poorly Discussing Jonghyun’s Death

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SHINee and Kpop fans, in general, are extremely angry and displeased by how a Spanish magazine discussed the passing of SHINee’s Jonghyun.

The magazine is a weekly magazine called “El Jueves.” It has recently published a comic strip about the Kpop industry in general and touched upon a lot of topics such as depression, sexual abuse and harassment, and others.

It also took a shot at the fandoms of Kpop as well as the groups’ styles and performances. The magazine ‘makes fun’ of the way the fandom feeds in to the problem and how fans feed into this.

The part that got people the most infuriated was the part that discussed Jonghyun’s death. The comics says,

“An idol that killed himself at age 27 after not being able to cope with the pressure of the industry.”

He’s referred to as the idol with the pink hair and on his bubble he says,

“At 27! Just like my buddies Jimi Hendrix, Janis, Jim Morrison, Kurt…”

27 is known for being an age number in which a lot of actors and musicians happen to die. Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and many others passed away at the age of 27.

Another character can be seen saying,

“Call security…! A nobody is trying to sneak into the ’27 Club’.”

The account that posted the translated parts of the comic also explained what the word “Pinypons” mean. It is referred to plastic toy dolls and the writer used it to imply that Kpop idols are mass produced and all plastic as well as easily replaceable.

The twitter account that worked on these translations is called “Jinkisease.”

In reaction to what the magazine published, fans petitioned to and asked for the shutdown of the magazine. As of this writing more than 28,000 fans have signed it. Here is the link to the petition.

What do you think of this?

My Reaction

Let me tell ya! I am fine with people discussing the toxic mentality of the Kpop fandoms and how they think they own an idol and how its true they do feed into the industry (how idols shouldn’t date or have a private life or speak their minds and not get hate).

It isn’t wrong to talk about this but what I have a BIG issue with is the way they tackled Jonghyun’s death. I still can’t even listen to his songs because I am not over it yet, it still hurts when I see his photos.

The way they discussed it is very awful and insulting. there is freedom of speech but the way the talked about his death was downright disrespectful. I get that is satirical comic and I am not a person who’s easily offended by just anything but I find this poor taste.

I have read more translations of the comic and it seems that the writer is also racist. I mean I do understand that you can’t easily tell them apart (which was the case for me when I started) but the way he puts it is… not nice!

The writer forgets that those ‘similar looking idols’ are also humans with dreams of becoming singers, dancers and such. Making fun of it that way takes away from the point you’re trying to get across. Make fun of the companies or how they feed into the possessiveness of fans but don’t target the idols themselves they are only working hard to realize their dreams and this is about the only way they can make it.

I hope that Jonghyun’s family NEVER sees this, it will break their hearts. Suicide is not a joke!

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