Former T-ara Member Soyeon Shares Photos With Football Player Cho Yu Min After Registering Their Marriage

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T-ara’s Soyeon and Soccer Player Cho Yu Min are now husband and wife!

Previously, in January of 2022, T-ara’s Soyeon personally revealed she’s getting married to her boyfriend. Later, it was revealed that  Soyeon and Jo Yoo Min registered their marriage. The couple was originally scheduled to hold a wedding around mid-November after Jo Yoo Min finished his K-League season. However, after he was chosen to play for South Korea’s national team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, his schedule became immensely packed as he’s preparing with the rest of his teammates for the season.

On November 14, Soyeon took to Instagram to share the message that they became a couple on November 12. She said her now-husband had made many promises that he kept as he now embarks on his journey to play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. She also expressed her condolences for the Itaewon tragedy and apologized for not being able to share the news sooner considering the recent events.

Soyeon was a former member of the popular girl group T-ara, and in 2017 she left the group and decided not to renew her contract. Later in 2020, it was announced that she had signed with THINK Entertainment.

Congratulations to Soyeon and Cho Yu Min!

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