[TRENDING] Former (G)I-DLE Member Soojin Shares Conclusion Of Police Investigation And Lawsuit Against Bullying Accuser A

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The case of the bullying accusations against the Former (G)I-DLE Member Soojin has come to a conclusion and a verdict on how to handle the situation has been reached.

On September 8, Soojin’s legal representative, Choi Seung Hwan, of Barun Law Firm, issued a statement and said,

Seo Soo Jin received an ‘innocent’ judgment from the School Violence Countermeasures Committee when she was in the first grade of middle school in relation to what was claimed by the accuser that they were subjected to school violence by her. There is a fact that she was recognized as a victim of coercion by her seniors.”

According to lawyer Choi, Soojin was involved in the school violence case, but she was also found to be a victim and had no other involvement in school violence and other issues.

Early last year, Soojin’s middle school classmate’s family and others claimed on social media that she was a “school violence perpetrator.” At the time, Soojin expressed herself, saying, “I once cursed while arguing with my classmate over the phone, but I have not committed school violence.”

The lawyer added,

However, Soojin could neither admit the claims nor apologize for them because of the fact that she had never assaulted or extorted money from the accuser.

Of course, the fact that Soojin has not been disciplined for school violence does not disprove the fact that she has not committed school violence claimed by the accuser. However, If Soojin had committed acts of assault, verbal abuse, and extortion that were hard to believe to the level that she was a middle school student, Soojin would have been referred to the School Violence Committee again and investigated and disciplined accordingly. It’s true that Soojin was involved in unpleasant things when she was in middle school and had a disagreement with other students due to her careless words and actions, but she never committed an act equivalent to school violence.

Soojin had filed a criminal complaint against accuser A to end the controversy through legal procedures. However, police concluded that the accuser was ‘not guilty.’ From the accuser’s point of view, the case may be true and the disclosure was not intentionally harmful and no intent for fraud was found through police investigation. In this situation, Soojin decided not to proceed with legal process in the future, judging that it has reached its limit to find out the truth through legal procedures regarding the accuser’s posts.

The lawyer spoke in place of Soojin to apologize to the people hurt by her actions,

In this situation, Soojin is very careful to announce her position, but she is taking the courage to speak even if it seems like only an excuse, its for the sake of the fans who have supported Soojin and those who have been hurt as well as those who were offended by Soojin’s actions in the past.

Regardless of the authenticity of the facts claimed by the accuser, Soojin is very sorry that there is an emotional wound felt from the accuser’s side, and she sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by her words and actions in middle school, to the fans who cared for Soojin, and to those who felt disappointed.”

Previously, Cube Entertainment announced they have terminated their contract with Soojin back in March of this year. According to the agency, they have attempted to uncover the truth behind the bullying allegations for a while now since February of last year and police investigation has found the accusers weren’t guilty.

This announcement comes after what was alleged last year, it was alleged that Soojin has been involved in bullying controversy and among the alleged victims was the child actress Seo Shin Ae who attended the same school as her.

Soojin personally denied the news and so did Cube on many occasions, they also promised strict legal action against the netizens who spread the rumors. Actress Seo Shin Ae issued a statement sharing her side of the story, following that, the agency went radio silent and didn’t address the statement despite requesting her to speak out on the issue. In August of 2021, Soojin departed her group.

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