Former FTISLAND Member Song Seung Hyun Denies He’s The Famous Kpop Idol Who Turned Himself In For Voice Phishing Scam

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Former FTISLAND Member Song Seung Hyun has denied he’s the idol in question in relation to the shocking new popular media report.

Recently, one media outlet reported that a popular male idol-turned-actor (A) who is currently in his 30s has turned himself in to police. He confessed his crimes of voice phishing scams.

(A) reportedly visited Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province back on June 16 and confessed he received around 6 million won [around $4,500] from the victim of his scam.

The media outlet reports that he’s been suffering from financial difficulties and noticed an ad for a high-paying job position while scrolling around the internet. When he began working there, he realized it was a voice phishing job, he reportedly immediately looked for police to confess. Its also reported that police have since arrested three more affiliated accomplices. Police is said to be investigating the individuals on charges of fraud among others.

After the report went viral, fans began to speculate about the identity of A, and soon, one media outlet reported that Former FTISLAND member Song Seung Hyun is the alleged (A). However, he’s since denied the reports.

Song Seung Hyun took to Instagram to write, “Its not me, don’t worry!” He shared a screenshot from the report and added he’s currently doing well and is filming a project.

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