Someone Is Threatening To Hurt TWICE With Hydraulic Acid For Promoting In Japan

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An Ilbe user is threatening TWICE for promoting in Japan.

The Ilbe user of an online community of the far-right political views and hated filled content is not happy with TWICE promoting in Japan at ALL.

On July 2nd, the user shared a post saying

“TWICE is abandoning our country because of all the money they’re making in Japan”.

He then later uploaded some photos from TWICE’s Japanese fans with a very disturbing message that reads:

“Yea! Sure money is a great thing, money is best. You can abandon Korea but you better not return veer again. “I will be waiting at the airport with 10 liters of Hydrochloric acid (if you ever try to return).”

The post was deleted at later point but both national and international fans were pretty annoyed and scared after reading his remarks.

This isn’t the first time an Ilbe user threatened TWICE, another user has previously also threatened to kill Mina of TWICE, to which JYP responded by taking legal actions.

How do you feel about this?

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My Reaction

The hell? Is he for real or just kidding?

In this digital world we’re actually required to be held reliable for our comments regarding anything because it can be used against us at any given point.

Threatening someone isn’t cool at all! The fuck is up with him?

These little girls are busting their asses trying to make a living and a name for themselves in Japan and all you do is try to ruin it for them?

This isn’t funny at all! people get scared by such comments! We’re waiting for JYP’s reply to this, I just hope he gets sued for these comments, and be held an example.

So next time someone tries to make such remarks to any other artist, they will be held very responsible and sued for it.

In case you didn’t know Hydrochloric acid burns its victims, meaning your flesh will melt if it came in contact with the acid (coming from a chemical engineer).

It hurts so much and will disfigure you for life, if it didn’t kill you. So threatening with such thing is very scary, they should be held very responsible for what they said.

The guy is clearly struggling with issues! The hell it matters to you how much money these little girls are making? Smh….

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