Some Korean EXO Fans Sent Protest Trucks, Again, To SM Building Demanding The Removal Of Chen And Chanyeol

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More protest trucks have been sent to SM!

On May 26, some Korean fans who support OT6 EXO shared pictures of their event on SNS, the pictures show protest trucks have been sent to SM. The protest trucks, again, demand the removal of both Chen and Chanyeol from the group.

There have been past attempts at this that have all been unfruitful and have been ignored by SM, but even after many years have passed, some fans still want the two EXO members out of the group.

The reason?

The fans who sent the trucks believe the two idols caused image issues for EXO with their personal lives ‘controversies.’ This means Chen’s marriage and the rumors surrounding Chanyeol’s private dating life.

The banner and statements released by the people who made these demand their removal and that EXO carry on performances as a six-member group.

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  1. Show them some respect its none of ya business who they date it there private life ya just haters because ya got no life you got to mess with someone else…

  2. If other artists in other countries are allowed some kind of private lives , why not artists from certain countries. These people are human beings not God’s. As soon as a person makes a mistake and it’s not gravely unreasonable people forget all the good things & become negative.

  3. They really can’t take a break. Chen is happily married to his wife and beautiful kids and it is also proven that Chanyeol is innocent which should have been obvious by the photos that they proved to be “evidence”.

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