The Star-Studded Solo Comebacks/Solo Debuts Lineup Of March: BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jisoo, EXO Kai, GOT7 BamBam, And More

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This year’s march is packed with many popular group members’ solo album comebacks.

BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jisoo , EXO Kai, GOT7 BamBam and more idols will unveil their solo albums this March.

SHINee Onew made a comeback as a solo artist by releasing his first full-length album “Circle” on March 6. Yuju released her second mini-album ‘O’ on March 7. Yuju has been working as a soloist since the release of her first mini-album “[REC.]” in January last year after the disbandment of her group GFRIEND.

In March, idol groups members continue to do solo activities.

First of all, KARA’s Nicole will release her new digital single “Mysterious” on March 9. “Mysterious” is Nicole’s first solo song in eight months since her single “YOU.F.O,” which was released in July last year. Nicole, who recently revealed her presence through her 15th-anniversary special album “MOVE AGAIN,” is drawing more expectations.

GOT7 Youngjae will release his new digital single “Errr Day” on March 12. “Errr Day” is an abbreviation of “Every day,” which has the excitement of every day with someone you like. Youngjae, who debuted as a member of GOT7 in 2014, has definitely established himself as a solo artist by releasing his first mini-album “COLORS from Ars” in 2021 and his second mini-album “SUGAR” last year.

EXO Kai will release his third mini-album “Rover” on March 13. The album’s title song “Rover” is a rhythmical dance genre song with a heavy base and various percussions such as marimba and bell. Kai, who showed an unrivaled concept with his first mini-album “KAI” and his second mini-album “Peaches,” is also drawing keen attention for this album.

iKON‘s Bobby will release his solo single “S.I.R” on March 21. The songs “Drowning” and “Cherry Blossom,” which Bobby participated in writing and composing, will be included in the single. Bobby released his first and second full-length solo album in 2017 and 2021, respectively. This is the first time that a solo single has been released.

BTS Jimin will release his first official solo album “FACE” on March 24. “FACE” is an album that tells the story of facing oneself completely and announcing a new start as an artist by Jimin. It includes the pre-released song “Set Me Free Pt.2” and the title song “Like Crazy” (original and English versions), “Face-off,” “Interlude: Dive” and “Alone.”

GOT7’s BamBam will release his first solo full-length album, “Sour & Sweet” on March 28. It contains a total of eight songs, including the title song “Sour & Sweet.” The album has a story that connects the entire album from the intro song “Feather” to the last “Wings.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo will release her first solo album on March 31. No specific information other than the release date has been released yet. Earlier, YG Entertainment, her agency, drew keen expectations after revealing by saying, “We have invested the largest production cost ever among BLACKPINK videos.”

Meanwhile, Jang Woohyuk, a former member of H.O.T., will also release his single album “FEEL IT” on March 23. He will share the following world with his digital single album ‘ECHO’ released last year.

Are you excited for this March packed with famous group members comebacks?

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