SM Excluded Jaemin From NCT Dream Online ‘Kino’ Album Cover, Netizens Furious

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SM Entertainment has angered fans again!

Fans have noticed that Jaemin was excluded from NCT Dream Kino album cover and they’re not happy.

Kino albums are basically e-copies of a group album; it allows fans to listen to music while scrolling through photo cards and other additional digital perks.

One online community post noted that Jaemin was excluded from the album cover; they expressed their anger at SM’s mistake especially considering the fact that NCT Dream is known for being one of the biggest and most popular NCT units, besides, Jaemin is the center of this unit which made his exclusion even more infuriating.

original album cover

Netizens have left many critical comments of SM on the popular community post noting that it’s not the first time SM has made mistakes with their groups’ merch and album covers despite being one of the biggest entertainment agencies.

Comments included:

This is too much

SM are fuckers

How can you make such mistake?

They’re crazy

You’re telling me you missed a member on the album cover?

did they not even double check?

What are your thoughts on this? ⁣⁣

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